The pros and cons of 360 degree feedback


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What is the problems with 360-degree feedback?

Running 360 reviews takes up a significant amount of time, both for human resources and employees. It takes time to plan, design and implement the process from an HR perspective. It also takes employees time to fill out the surveys, especially if they are asked to give feedback for several of their colleagues.

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Pros of 360 degree feedback

Being highly proficient in a critical competency will lead to superior performance in the function, which leads to better organizational outcomes. Knowing the competencies needed to excel in one’s job and focusing on evaluating these is critical for successful 360 feedback. If available, the company’s competency framework can be used for this.

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bookkeeper360ing how our own strengths and weaknesses are perceived by several different sources is as humbling as it is informative. It gives us an opportunity to consider our work performance as a whole and provides insight into how we can evolve within our role. The 360 review includes questions about an employee’s leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, efficiency, and problem-solving ability. The goal of a 360 review is to measure an employee’s effectiveness and performance to help enhance employee development. Also, the process can empower workers since they have a more effective way of reviewing their colleagues and manager. A 360 review can lead to positive results and a sense of teamwork, boosting morale when implemented properly.

Cons of 360 Degree Feedback

Rather than approaching the process in a constructive way, office disputes or rivalries can result in passive aggressive performance reviews that only serve to further entrench coworker animosity. The focus of 360 degree feedback is on how an employee’s skills, contributions, and communication style affects the business at large as well as the people within it. It provides a balanced and contextual accounting of how others in the organization view the employee’s performance in areas such as accountability, leadership, teamwork, as well as interpersonal communication and interaction. The 360-degree performance appraisal process works well only if it is organized and performed in a proper way. This type of review process takes time and there would be a number of steps involved in it.


Not only are there benefits to utilizing 360 reviews within a team environment, but the assessment tool can also promote increased self-awareness and a clearer understanding of goals and expectations for individual employees. As feedback results are delivered and discussed among team members, communication channels remain open and honest, leading to relationships of trust and transparency. This open communication in a 360 system encourages coworkers and team members to actively seek out constructive feedback from peers, management, and executives, resulting in performance increase and goal achievement. Due to the nature of 360 evaluations, managers and executives are often forced to examine an employee’s weaknesses more closely than their strengths. Many participants in 360 feedback systems have found the process to be more negative and punishing than rewarding due to management’s tendency to seek out and pinpoint an employee’s skill gaps.

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This can be very beneficial, as it gives employees a well-rounded view of how they are perceived by others. The goal of a 360 review is to help anyone in the organization improve their personal skills and behaviors at work. By combining multiple sources, you’ll get a complete picture of who they are as individuals, hopefully leading them down a successful career path.

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